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While on a business trip to Kempen Germany I stayed at the Hotel Papillon. I found this hotel to be nice and comfortable. I would highly recommend staying here for the  the hotel staff. These are people that really care about their guests. They want you to feel comfortable and welcome. This is not your average hotel experience. You will be overwhelmed by the staff’s willingness to help and make your stay feel like you are one of the family.

Each morning I had a variety of breakfast items that are cooked in their kitchen. Breads, eggs, meats, cheeses, cereal are so fresh that no one will go away hungry. The staff also looks for local specialties like jams and fresh butter. Lunch and dinner is also severd but my trip involved working the second shift mostly and I mostly had breakfast up until 11:00 AM. I will say that their schnitzel was the best I ever had.

Once again the staff is the best. They really made me feel like I was one of the family. I was provided with a bike to ride into town and they were also very helpful with directions and things to do.

I spent three weeks in Kempen and by the third week we were all good friends. This type of personal and professional treatment is uncommon in the states.

I cannot say enough about the great time I had at the hotel Papillon and the kindness I experienced by the staff. I don't speak much German so they were all patient with me and language was not a barrier. I was surprised how easy it was to communicate since they are all fluent in English.

What more can I say about Kempen and the people that live and work there? Well, I found the German folks to be quite pleasant and willing to help. Kempen is a romantic little city in western Germany near Dusseldorf with a great castle, shopping and excellent bakeries. Everything is within walking distance of the hotel Papillon. The food, shopping, and the nightlife may be small but the town has great character. There is always something to do or see.

I was in Kempen at the time of their spring carnival. We have nothing like this in the states. Well we kind of do if you can imagine Mardi Gras without the flashing of breasts. The German carnival is a great time with food and beer and all of the locals gathering for a celebration in the town square. The festival is when they throw out the mayor of the city and let the others take control for a long weekend. This involves a parade with not only the persons in the parade dressing up but everyone gets involved. I think it is the time of the year everyone enjoys because they can show their other side and personalities. If you like dancing in the street and drinking a beer while a parade of local organizations marches by this is the place and time of year for you. Check it out at the beginning of March every year.

Hotel Papillon is located on the main route the parade takes so just watching from in front of the hotel is quite a pleasure. The hotel has beer on tap and fresh pretzels for you to enjoy while the precession marches down the narrow street. I can't say enough of how quaint and wonderful this is to see and I want to come back for next year’s carnival.

If you are interested, I have an additional story while in Kempen. Email me direcly for the life changing event.

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