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Terrorist Bird Attacks at Work

NILES IL. ----- At 5:20 Central Standard Time, Monday March 31st, a crazed suicide terrorist goose slammed into the overhead power lines in front of the manufacturing facility in Niles, Illinois knocking out all power and communication to the structure. A long haul trucker was witness to the despicable act of terrorism. The terrified inhabitants were shaken by the explosion directly in front of the facility and were forced to leave the scene for their own safety. The sabotage was reported to the proper authorities and a repair crew was dispatched to the facility to secure the area.

The badly burnt body of the terrorist was left where he fell. To this point in time the terrorists have limited their hatred toward the inhabitants of the manufacturing facility to minor acts of vandalism in the parking lot and noisy demonstrations surrounding the facility. This is the first known act of wanton destruction and sabotage.

It is believed that the terrorist are responding to the destruction of their nesting sites on the roof of the facility. Employees are warned to be on alert. The danger level has been raised to ORANGE.

UPI Dateline

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